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Vision Applications

Machine vision technology has greatly evolved over the last few years. While the technical capability of existing vision systems has significantly improved, the cost associated with its implementation has decreased, making machine vision implementation more affordable than ever. Most modern robots come with integrated machine vision as well. Trinity Automation has extensive experience in machine vision and vision applications.

Automation Consulting

Trinity Automation is available to offer our customers with extensive automation consulting services. These services include project management, capital equipment purchasing advice, automation system assessment, and process optimization. Trinity Automation is also available to provide customers with free automation audits. During this audit, an automation professional will review existing manufacturing process, identify and assess potential process improvement opportunities, and will provide the customer with an in-depth review of the findings.


Trinity Automation offers full refurbishment services. We can refurbish any part of your automation system. We have experience refurbishing robots, robot components, conveyors, machines, and EOAT’s (End of Arm Tooling.) Contact us for a free quote.


Assembly, Case Packing, Load and Unload, Material Removal, Palletizing and De-Palletizing, Vision

System Design and Engineering

Trinity Automation is structured with custom system design in mind. We have fully functional mechanical, electrical, and software departments that work in conjunction to offer our customers with the most innovative and efficient process automation solutions. Each system is built and tested in-house in order to ensure that all features work as designed and to minimize unforeseen issues.
Our installation team goes to work with total customer satisfaction in mind and will not leave the jobsite until our customer is fully satisfied. Each project executed by Trinity Automation gets a project manager assigned immediately. The project manager is responsible for developing a project schedule, orchestrating work among the different departments and any additional vendors participating in the project, oversees the completion of all project milestones, and most importantly becomes the main point of contact between our company and the customer.
We take pride in providing our customers with a seamless project integration process, from conception to implementation. No job is too large or small, each job executed by Trinity Automation gets the same level of attention to detail and focus on customer satisfaction. Contact us for a free automation assessment and quotation.



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About Us

Trinity Automation is a full service automation solution provider. We are dedicated to providing innovative manufacturing solutions, each being specifically designed for each unique application. Trinity Automation is both a recognized automation integrator as well as a certified service provider. We provide an in-depth range of services to meet the needs of our customers in any industry environment. Trinity Automation possesses unmatched process automation expertise which allows us to assist our customers in a variety of roles, including service, robot preventive maintenance, software engineering and programming, consulting, system retrofit, as well as complete robotic solutions.

Establishing customer long-term relationships is a top priority at Trinity Automation. Our extensive knowledge base, excellent track record, and ability to tackle even the most difficult automation challenges, demonstrate our integrity and dedication to do the job right. Whether your need is a complete robotic system or a simple automation solution, the team at Trinity Automation is ready to help.

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Mission Statement

Trinity Automation exists to provide a resource for automation services, programming, consulting, and solutions for manufacturers and automation integrators.
Through our uncompromising ethical business practices we provide the most productive, efficient, and technology driven solutions available. Effective communication, organizational policies, trust and teamwork makes us a highly organized, effective, and reliable system integrator.

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