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Silicon Valley Tech Center

 431 Nelo Street Santa Clara, California
A unique working shop floor, prototype lab, and showroom smack dab in the middle of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Zone.

Our Automated Pallet Systems Make Our Automated Pallet Systems

At Trinity we don't just make products, we use them. On any given day, if you stop by 431 Nelo Street in Santa Clara, California, you will see this for yourself. Chips will be flying, coolant will be flowing as robots quietly load/unload critical components and custom pallets that we machine for the AX Series systems. This not only gives us control over quality, but allows us to test our systems under the same rigorous conditions as our customers and continually optimize the workflow. As a result, visiting customers can view the AX Series in action making parts and even roll up their sleeves to get a hands on demonstration of the automation process. Our local team, of some of the best robotic and CNC application engineers, are always available to discuss your production needs, answer any questions, and show how they utilize the system.

Located in the heart of the Silicon Valley Manufacturing Zone, our Tech Center is within walking distance to several shops using Trinity AX Series technology. Schedule ahead to take a tour of one of these shops and discuss with a fellow shop owner their experience with Trinity Automation. Our building is also just 10 minutes down the road from the San Jose International Airport making it easy for out of town visitors to pop in for a quick demonstration. All these factors make a trip to our Silicon Valley Tech Center a truly unique experience. Connect with your local sales rep or schedule a tour with us today.

See What's Happening At 431 Nelo Street

AX2 at work
A birds-eye view of the pallet shelves, parts dryer & auto-door
We Are CNC Machinists
Making custom aluminum pallets for a Trinity AX4
AX2 & AX5
Unmanned production never looked so clean
Getting set up for production
Installing Auto-door
Putting the final touches on an AX2 Duo
431 Nelo Street
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Hands on demonstrations
GM & Head Engineer, Derek Goodwin, gets his hands dirty
We love the shine of aluminum
Prepped pallets for AX5 system
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We are always looking for talented, driven individuals to join our team. If you want a career in CNC manufacturing automation, drop us a line to see what positions are available.
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